Friday, January 11, 2013


If anyone would have told me in June when we got to New Delhi (with the tempertures constantly above 100 degrees Farenheit), that I would be sitting at the kitchen table writing in the blog with a blanket around my shoulders to keep warm and using the computer heat to keep my hands warm, I would not have believed them, but it's so true.  Since December 1 the tempertures have turned cold and gotten colder ever since.  The temperature range right now is around 40 at night rising to about 60 during the day, but it's a very damp cold and so we never feel warm.  We came primarily with warm-weather clothing based on the instructions about our mission, but have needed to go out and buy sweaters and leggings (for Angela) to try and keep warm.  It's the same in the misson office.  To compound the problem, the buildings have marble floors and concrete walls that retain the cold.  There is no central heat in New Delhi. We are trying to keep warm with two small raditor-type heaters for our fairly large apartment They do a poor job of keeping anything warm except right around them.  I generally like cooler weather, but both of us are pining for the warm weather to come, but we have at least until early February.    

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