Wednesday, May 22, 2013

More Interesting Things of India

As we celebrate 1 year in the mission field, I thought I would provide some additional pictures of interesting things we find in our new adopted home. 
Hose Connection

Electrical wiring is very
representative of everything in India. 

Our Internet connection box.  Open in the
middle of an alley.

Typical mall parking - Cars are left in neutral with the
doors unlocked and if someone needs to get out, the
attendants move all the cars that are in the way manually
This is a Delonix Regia tree (thanks Google), commonly
called a Flame tree. It blooms with bright red flowers
during April and May. 
The local scooter mechanic shop - on the
sidewalk on the way to church 

The most common flowering plant in New Delhi is the bougainvillea in all kinds of colors

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