Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day in India

We had a somewhat unusual Father's Day celebration on Saturday.  Because we work in the office, Saturday is our preparation day rather than on Monday for the young missionaries.  Generally we wear our missionary attire, but today after going to the local market to get fresh fruits and vegetables, we stayed in our shirts and jeans to go to lunch at Chili's at the Ambience Mall.  It's a short auto(rickshaw) trip of about 4 km.  For the most part (other than the beef) Chili's here is the same as the States, so it feels like home. 

After lunch, we checked out a new restaurant that we hadn't noticed before right next door.   It has just opened and very typical to India, they gave us a "tour" of the restaurant and then told us the new "Director's Cut" movie theater next door was owned by the same company.  We don't go to the movies much (1 time in the last 6 months) - a combination of lots of reasons including finding one worth going to and then finding it in English.  When we checked what was playing, we were in luck.  They were showing the new Superman movie.  We should have known based on the ticket price that we were some place special.  While against my "cheap" nature, I was too embarrassed to back out after telling them we wanted two tickets, so I paid the price.  We were given assigned seats (I wouldn't expect less based on what we paid).  When we walked in we both agreed that we have never seen any theater like it anywhere (maybe we need to get out more often).  Angela called it "the business class of movie theaters".  From the pictures below, you can see what she means.  We got our own mini bottles of water and Litchi (a fruit that is in season right now for about a month), a blanket, and pillow, a fully automatic recliner and a full service menu.  The movie was good, but not nearly as good as the experience.   Happy Father's Day. 


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