Monday, October 29, 2012

Let The Sun Shine Through

Since we moved into our apartment, we have only had heavy drapes in the apartment and since our dining room looks right into the dining room of the mission president, we tend to keep them closed most the time and get no light in the apartment.  So we were very happy after weeks of asking, to have the drape maker come and measure for some sheers (at our expense).  In my naivety, I thought, "this is an expert curtain maker, he obviously knows what he's doing".  So he takes measurements and says he will come later in the week to hang them.   On Friday, he comes about 2 pm with the sheers, and the rods.  First off, all the rods are the wrong length, so his assistant sets up shop in the middle of our living room and starts sawing the rods off, leaving metal shavings all over the floor.  Next he realizes, he's forgotten to bring something, so he leaves and comes back about an hour later to start hanging the rods.  As I'm watching, I say to myself, "he really isn't going to hang the sheers there is he? They will hang in the way of the drapes and every time we open the drapes the sheers will drag along."  So I jump in and tell him in my best English why what he is doing isn't going to work and he tells me something in his best Hindi(???).  Again through sign language we get it straightened out where they should be placed.  

After he gets the rods up, he hangs the sheers.  So much for his measurements.  They barely cover the width of the window and as you can see, they are anywhere from 2-3 inches short.   The general contractor, Kuldeep, the Church hired to keep things in repair, says something like, "it covers most the window", while giving me that look that says, "it's close, why are you upset?"
After several days of debating to have him come back and fix them, I have decided to just write about it in the blog and leave them alone (I just don't know what I might get the second time around) Oh well, if it looked good, what would I write about....

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  1. Usually I read your blog through Google Reader, so I have to go to your actual site to comment, but this made me laugh because we had the same thing here in Lagos,so I took that extra step. Our company paid big bucks for the drapes they put in our flat and the sheers are either too long or too short. None of them are just the right length. We haven't done anything to change them, of course, but if the gap is troublesome for you, maybe you could have someone sew some trim or fringe or a strip of fabric along the bottom. It could add a nice decorative touch as well as cover the light leaking in, or privacy loss at night. I think a mission in India sounds great -- we don't have elephants going down the street in Lagos!