Thursday, October 4, 2012

What a Deal!

President Sackley likes the challenge of finding the cheapest haircut he can find.  He doesn't want to pay more than the locals, so he always asking the Indian missionaries where they get their hair cut and how much they paid.   He found a new place that one of the Elders told him about and with the help of his Indian driver was able to negotiate a 25 rupee haircut (my first haircut at what might be close to a US barber was 600 rupees or about $12).  He 'convinced' me that I should go with him.  I kept telling him there's more to a haircut than how much it costs.  He went first, and the barber really went after his hair (which was what President Sackley wanted).  I was up next, with the barber next too him.  My first comment was "not as short as his" pointing to Pres S.  Things were going pretty well until he got to my cowlick.   I tried to explain with hand signs what thinning scissors were, and to my surprise he had some (probably the first time he used them).  Well to make a long story short - with a haircut to match - I won the contest for shortest hair.  Angela said she doesn't remember my hair being this short since she saw my 4th grade picture.   If you take a picture on my 'good side' in a dark room, it doesn't look to bad.  For another 10 rupees, I could have gotten my armpits shaved - but that's a story that best not put in print.   

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