Friday, July 5, 2013

July 4 - Missionary Flash Mob at Chili's

What is more American (at least in India) than Chili's?  We took our 6 American missionaries and their Indian companions to Chili's for lunch on July 4 to celebrate Independence Day.  One of the elders brought an American flag and with another American elder preceded to hang the flag from one of the windows in the restaurant.  They were going for it regardless. I saw the manager coming and could tell this was going to get contentious soon, so I pre-empted them and asked him if it would be okay.  Of course the answer was no, so with one "international disaster" avoided, we ordered lunch.  After the first round of soft drinks, the soft drink machine suspiciously broke, and remained so until the end of the meal.  Despite this, the missionaries were able to get a couple of refills.  After we had paid the bill, and were getting up to leave, one of the elders began singing "God Bless America".  We all joined in.  The manager came around motioning to tone it down, but didn't actually stop us (I kept looking the other way so he wouldn't stare me down).  We sounded pretty good.  All the people around us gave us strange looks (what's new).  It was great to pay respect and show our pride in our country.

Last weekend on June 29,  the American Embassy had an Independence Day celebration on their baseball field (only US citizens were invited).  We went with Elder and Sister Black with the sole intent to get a real hamburger (not water buffalo).  Angela was like a girl in a candy shop, wanting one of each item on the food line.  We settled for hamburgers, fries and fried chicken (all of it mmmm!).  We sweated through waiting in the food line, listening (and sometimes enduring) a live band, and a short, but good fireworks display.  We had a great time.
Angela in the "real" hamburger line
Enjoyed every bite!  

After the sun went down

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