Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy 38th Anniversary

It seems like time has really gone by quickly as we think back to celebrating our 37th anniversary shortly after arriving in New Delhi.  Well we reached #38 as of July 29.  As is our tradition, we went out last Saturday (our P-day) and had another great meal to celebrate.  We found a restaurant that had both Italian and Indian food (am I the only one that thinks this is an odd combination?), so Angela had spaghetti and I had one of my favorites, buttered chicken with parantha (one of many types of Indian bread).  We also shared a great tasting grilled chicken salad.  I kept myself out of the dog house by buying some flowers from a guy on the street (literally) just down from the office.  After a leisurely stroll around the mall, we took a sweaty ride home in an auto, and finished up our lessons for Sunday.  We love our lives together and a chance to be of service in such an interesting place as India.   

Happy 38th - Life is Good

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Jim and I were recently called as the stake Addiction Recovery Program reps, which means we are also church service missionaries for 2 years. We have attended several of the weekly meetings already, and just love these wonderful brothers and sisters who are fighting huge battles. Miss you!