Monday, September 2, 2013

Cheetos by Any Other Name...

Some time ago, we found a snack that looked suspiciously like Cheetos.  They are called Kur Kure, which means "crunchy" in Hindi.  They come in fancy names like Chilli Chatka, Green Chutney, and Masala Munch.  They are very spicey, but have the distinctive Cheetos crunch.  So I got curious and did some after hours research.  Wikipedia says that "the snack was developed entirely in India" in 1999, but if you continue reading, you find that Kur Kure is a product of the Indian division of Pepsico.  Next, I checked out Cheetos.  They were created in 1948 and are now a product of Frito-Lay which is a subsidiary of PepsiCo since 1965.  Ah hah!, another mystery solved.  I won't bore you with the details, but if you want more information that you ever cared to know about Cheetos, check out Wikipedia (like - did you know that Cheetos makes 21 different kinds of Cheetos in North America alone?).

In the picture, Kur Kure made locally cost 20 rupees.  The imported bag of Cheetos cost 400 rupees (about $7.50).  On a equivalent weigh basis, imported Cheetos are 10 times the cost of the local variety.  This is our first bag of "real" Cheetos (anything for the blog).

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  1. You obviously are sleeping enough if you are doing Cheetos research.