Monday, November 18, 2013

Finishing Touches

 I guess I have been around construction too much...

Sunday was our last day in church.  A sort of "right of passage" for members of the Church is that they get asked to speak at our Sacrament meeting whenever they move in or move out of the area.  Angela would have been perfectly happy to fade into the sunset, but I wanted the "true" going home experience so I volunteered us to speak.  My sweet companion did a great job and I did okay.  It's hard for us to say goodbye to people we have come to love.  It's hard to know that this will probably be the last time in this life that we will see them.  There were some tears, lots of pictures with families and kids and multiple requests for us to come to dinner, which we politely declined (many times).  The Indian members are so gracious and humble.  Many of their homes are the size of an average bedroom.  They are dedicated to their families, and they love the missionaries.  I put a few pictures below.

The Anthony Frances family at church
He is the Elder's Quorum President, she is the organist
The Joseph Family.  President Joseph is 1st Counselor in
the Mission Presidency

Sister Verma and 2 of their 4 daughters in their home
(the little boy is a neighbor)
Picture of President and Sister Verma on their wall early
in their marriage.  President Verma is the Branch President

The Kumar family
Anil is the mission driver
Sarala Ambrose and her son Sarjan.
She's an awesome Relief Society President

Singh, the security guard at our church bldg.
(a great investigator for many years)

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