Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Our Farewell Dinner

Slocombe's, Sackley's, Pulla's, and Black's 
Monday night we had our farewell dinner at the President and Sister Sackley's home with all the senior couples serving in New Delhi.  It was pot luck with homemade Italian soup, a vegetable and fruit salad with raspberry poppy seed dressing and a great tasting (but spicy) ground mutton dish with homemade flat bread, and for dessert "chocolate fantasy" which is layered with chocolate pudding and whipped cream on a pecan and graham cracker crust.. Everything was delicious.  We had a good night of conversation with friends that we have come to love as we have served with them -  Elder and Sister Black from Humble, who are serving two years as Public Affairs missionaries for both missions in Indian.  Elder and Sister Slocombe from Saskatchewan, Canada who arrived in August serving 18 months as PEF missionaries (Perpetual Education Fund - provides funds for members to get a better education)  Elder and Sister Pulla, from Hyderabad, India, serving 18 months as MLS (Member and Leader Support) missionaries and are helping teach welfare and self reliance principles to those in the district.  They are one of the first senior couples to serve from their own country and we are so proud of them.  And of course, President and Sister Sackley who we have served with since day 1 and with whom we will find it hardest to leave.  We made it through the night without many tears - and of course a farewell picture.  We hate goodbyes...

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