Saturday, May 26, 2012

This past week in the Mission Training Center has been just fantastic.  Our first meeting on Monday was in the same room that we met in when Bryan, Eric, Tyler and Jared went on their missions and parents were allowed to accompany their missionaries for a short meeting and a tearful goodbye. It was also the last room we were in at the end of our training and was another tearful event to leave our teachers and those other couples we came to know and love in such a short time..  We spent the week learning effective ways to present the Gospel message, and we were a little suprised to discover that we're a pretty good team.

This picture shows our "district" - the two other couples (the Farmers going to Mongolia and the Tanners going to Guatemala) - that we spent the week with and two of our MTC teachers (excellent), in front of the world map that has become "world" famous to those that have gone through the MTC. Every couple we met had a faith promoting experience on how they were called to their respective missions.  Truly the Lord has been involved in all of our lives to help us have this life changing experience.  

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