Monday, May 28, 2012

Who would have thought that we'd have a third-world experience in Provo...  Angela was getting out of the shower this morning and the shower handle fell off in her hand with the water running full force - and extremely hot.  After several failed attempts of us trying to fix it, we called the front desk and they sent someone up, who also couldn't turn it off.  As he was leaving he said, there was no shut off valve, so they would have to shut off the water to the entire hotel to get it fixed.  Sure glad we had our showers  My only regret was not getting a picture of the gushing water (fortunately the water was staying in the tub) before we left for church.  Post script - when we got back, they still hadn't fixed the problem, but the water was off.  We changed rooms... three transfers in less than a week.  Must be a record.

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