Sunday, May 27, 2012

Today, Saturday, has been a busy day. After 7 days of the "true" MTC experience (barracks style), we have moved to the Marriott in downtown Provo. The same great rate of $44.00 a night including all the food you can eat at the MTC cafeteria. It's not as convenient to everything on the MTC campus, but the amenities are much improved. The porter told us we have the most bags he has ever seen for a senior missionary couple (is that a compliment?).

Earlier today, we were happy we could go to the memorial services for Julie Grow's mother (Julie is Paul's sister-in-law), who died unexpectedly from a heart attack. We were able to see all of Julie's brothers and her sister as well as her children Heidi, Heather, Aryn and Andy and their families (her oldest son, Adam and his family are in Vietnam and were not able to come back). We love Julie and her husband, Dave, and their whole family and were glad we were able to be with and support them at such a difficult time.

Tonight we went to the Bombay House for dinner. It has some of the best Indian food in the area. We wanted an authentic North India meal to prepare us for what's to come. We had vegetable Samosas for appetizers and then chicken Makhani and Daal Maharani (lentils) with rice and two types of bread - paratha and garlic naan. All ordered mild of course. It was delicious. For dessert we had Gulab Jamun (pastry balls soaked in rose flavored syrup). Now have faith and go out to your favorite Indian restaurant, and order these and you won't be disappointed. Angela actually liked everything and we ate more than we should have.  Our only regret - not getting a picture before it was all gone... 

We're now back in our hotel, having unpacked again, and looking forward tomorrow to a spirit-filled Sunday with the MTC Elders and Sisters - and praying that our visas will come soon so we can leave for India on Thursday.

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