Thursday, September 20, 2012

What A View

One of the things I really love is cycling and on the crazy streets of New Delhi, this is just not possible, unless I want to serve a more heavenly mission (which Angela says she's not interested in gong with me - must be the grandkids).  So I found a solution.... 

My New Exercise Buddy
One of the challenge we have had is getting adequate exercise while here, and after 4 months of being rather sedate and working in the Mission Office, I'm starting to feel it.  While laying on the couch eating chips is fun, the aches and pains of inactivity are not.  We have tried walking in the streets and "sidewalks", but between the unevenness of both, and the chaotic traffic at all times of the day, it's not very enjoyable.   Overall my new bike provide a similar riding experience as my real bike, with the exception of no wind in my hair, that isn't artificially created by a fan.  I'm hoping it will keep me in good enough shape that I won't embarrass myself when I come back and ride with Bryan, Eric, Brad andW (as Brad says) the "Windrose Peloton". 

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