Monday, December 10, 2012

Friends from Houston

Who could image all the Houstonians we have met in India.  This last weekend, Cliff Keeler was in New Delhi for work and came to our District Conference.  I really admire Cliff, since he didn't get in until 4 am and conference was at 10, but then again, when you're halfway across the world from home it's hard to tell your nights from your days.  After Conference, we had lunch together with the mission president and his wife as well as Elder and Sister Black, who just came to the mission two weeks ago from Kingwood.  We had a chance to catch up on what's going on at home and talk about old friends. 

Here is the other picture I was looking for with Elder and Sister Meehan.  I know it looks like all we do is eat, but it's more exciting than processing visas.  Anyway, Elder and Sister Meehan came to India from Hong Kong as part of their Humanitarian/Welfare assignment and took us to dinner a few weeks back.  We had a great time visiting with them.  They are now at the end of their mission and heading back home soon.  We wish them the best on their return

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