Thursday, December 6, 2012

Farewell to the Elder and Sister Crookston

We are saying farewell to another couple that couldn't get their visas renewed.  Elder and Sister Crookston are serving a 23 month mission and have been in India since February of this year.  They along with the Capeners were unable to get their missionary visas renewed for another year so they will be going to the Singapore mission, which includes much of Malaysia.  We'll miss the Crookstons.  Elder Crookston is the ultimate boy scout - ready for any and all situations, and the technical expert in the district that insures all the branches get the church broadcasts.  Sister Crookston is just fun to be around.  We have enjoyed their friendship and wish them the best in their new mission location.

Farewell dinner with President and Sister Sackley,
Elder and Sister Crookston and us at our favorite Thai Restaurant

For our astute readers, you might be asking yourselves "well, if the first 2 couples to finally get a visa to India in 3 years didn't get their visas renewed, what's going to happen to the Stevens?"  That's a good question, and the answer is we don't know.  Both the Capeners and the Crookstons had missionary visas and we have an employment (volunteer) visa.  We're hoping that we can get our renewed in country, but we'll just have to wait and see. 


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