Monday, February 11, 2013

Construction 101

 It has been very interesting to watch as they remodel the 4 story building that will be used as the church, mission office and mission home. When constructing walls, there are no studs and sheet rock. All interior walls are brick and then covered with a concrete "mud". With no hollow walls like in the US, any wiring and plumbing that is not part of the original construction is either run on top of the wall or the wall is chipped away to put it in. In this building, the exterior basement walls were also just bricks with no exterior coating, so workers hand dug down 10 feet all around the entire building so they could coat the wall with a rubber/concrete mix, so the basement would not leak. When they were digging out around the basement, all the dirt was carried out in buckets. Fascinating to watch, but extremely labor intensive and very hard work. I'm not sure what the workers make but it's probably $2-3 US equivalent for 10-12 hours a day - and they're happy to have the work.

Adding Plumbing between floors
Trench around the building

New Classrooms (bad Iphone shot)

Dirt replaced after coating walls

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