Friday, February 1, 2013

Off to the MTC

About a week ago,  Arjun Radhakrishnan finally left for the Mission Training Center (MTC).  We thought this day would never come.  We have been working with Arjun since October to get him on his mission.  He is among the last to go that submitted their mission papers in May before they had a passport. As a result he got his mission call to enter the MTC on December 15 before he had applied for his passport. (we now require all prospective missionaries to have their passports BEFORE they submit their mission papers).  Every week we would encourage him to apply for his passport, and it seemed every week it was the same story - essentially no progress.  First he needed to get a birth certificate and that took several weeks.  Every time he saw me, he told me his birth certificate was coming and asked when he would enter the MTC, and each time I told him he needed a passport.  Finally he got the certificate and applied for his passport, and each time he saw me, he asked when he would enter the MTC. To make a long story short, he finally got his passport and we got a new MTC date for him of January 26.  Of all the missionaries that have left from New Delhi recently, I think he was the most excited.  I know he will be a great missionary in the India Bangalore Mission (the other India mission in the south).

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