Monday, February 11, 2013

Kanwal Bharti Public School Annual Program

About 2 weeks ago, a man came in to see President Sackley to invite him to the Annual Kanwal Public School program.  I remember thinking at the time (while President Sackley was being so gracious and said that he would be there), that I was glad it was him and not me.  I should have known that that kind of thinking almost guaranteed that I would be going.  Sure enough, President Sackley had to make an unexpected trip to Pakistan the weekend of the event and he asked me to "fill in" for him.  It was on a Sunday, so Angela quickly bowed out because she didn't want to run the risk of not getting back to teach her Sunday School lesson (that was convenient), so I went by myself.  When I arrived I was given the royal treatment.  They marked my forehead with paint, gave me a bouquet of flowers and invited me to sit on the first few rows for the dignitaries (right in front of these huge speakers). 
Very colorful outfits.  Most presentations were students
from kindergarten to 8th grade
They were disappointed when I said I couldn't stay all day and quickly rearranged the program so that I could get on the stage and give a speech (where was this in my mission call??).  After saying a few words, the MC translated in Hindi what I had said.  Anil (the mission driver that took me) later told me that the MC said what I said and a lot more - well it's good to have someone make up for your deficiencies.  I sat back down thinking I was safe, but 10 minutes later they called me back up on the stage to make award presentations to about 20 kids as a photographer took pictures of each one with me.  They didn't know me, but they will always treasure the picture with the "white man".   Actually the skits, dancing and singing of the students was entertaining and I wish I (and Angela) could have stayed longer.  You never know what unexpected opportunities await you on a mission.
Yes, this is a man. 

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