Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Our India Life

We receive requests from all over the world to have missionaries visit those interested in knowing more about the Church.   In many cases, the people live far from New Delhi, and all we can do is send them a copy of the Book of Mormon and other Church literature.  Due to the vagaries of the postal system in India, we get some of our mail back.  While not uncommon to get things back looking like they have been run over by a truck (multiple times).  This one tops them all.  The postal service tied the string around the package to keep it together...

Just this year the Church in India began having members clean the church building and grounds.  The US has been doing this for years.  While it is a way to save costs, the primary reason is to allow members to perform service and to have respect for the church buildings.  In India, this has been much harder to implement because of the holdover of the caste system (at least that's my opinion).  Sister Stevens and I wanted to help be a part of cleaning when it was our branch's turn, so we show up with our US mentality - not a "broom" or "mop" in sight.  I didn't catch me or Angela in the act, but these pictures will give you a clue on how floors are cleaned in India.
Typical broom - Oh my aching back

Mopping (a rag draped over a squeegee)

We were coming home one morning from our walk and these cows were sitting in the middle of the road right in front of our apartment...totally oblivious of the traffic.

Not phased a bit!


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