Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sister Stevens New Dress

For those who don't know when Angela's birthday is, this won't seem like I'm slow in posting, for the rest of you just pretend you don't know.  Someday I'll find a way to change the posting date so my procrastination is not so obvious. 

Since coming here and seeing all the ornate Indian dresses, Angela has wanted to get one that she could wear.  The typical Indian saree is 15 meters of material that you wrap and tuck  and pin around you - but be careful or it's laying on the ground.  Angela opted for a more "western style" dress, and found the perfect one for her birthday.  Of course it's so ornate, she could never wear it here, so dressing up at home is the best she can do for now.  

Angela's New Dress

A new dress needs a new
necklace and earrings

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