Friday, September 7, 2012

Our New Apartment

I'm sitting here eating my $10 US equivalent bag of California Pistachios (500 grams or about 1 lb) realizing I have not written in the blog for almost 2 weeks.  As I sit and think about what I can say, I start reading the label.  They are not packaged in California, but in India.  In fact, they aren't even from California.  So much for truth in advertising.  Maybe I'll roast my own next time....

Living Room overlooking "the Hole".  TV in the
other corner not seen
Anyway, we have been in our apartment about 2 weeks, and we went out the other day and finally bought some items to make it feel more like home.  We bought a couple of large area rugs, that will be our donation to the mission, since it will be too expensive to ship them back to the US.  We'll enjoy them while we are here and leave them for the next couple, that I'm sure will appreciate something other than expansive marble floors.  We put a few pictures here to show that we are treated well as far as apartments go.  I might have mentioned that this apartment sits right next to the Mission Home and Mission Office and has 3 bedrooms.  We use one for sleeping, one for storage and one for the computer/printer and stuff. 

Bold colors are common
in India - we like them
For those senior couples thinking about going on a mission, we do have some of the creature comforts of home.  We have satellite TV that we can watch, but all the shows are last year's season of shows that we didn't watch in Houston.  We do get the Mentalist, which is a good diversion at the end of a long day.  I tell Angela that I have seen them all from last year, but other than knowing I have seen it, I never know what's going to happen (it's my own Groundhog's Day - if you've seen the movie)

A few of our finds
(not the clock)
 By India standards it pretty nice.  Now that we aren't totally swamped at the office, we are trying to take some time to make things a little more homey. 


  1. Very, very nice! Love the kitchen! It would appear to be a haven, huh?

  2. Duane & I have enjoyed catching up on your adventures for the last few weeks! Love the cashew roasting experience...definitely made us laugh. Love your new apartment. I am sure it will be so beautiful by the time you leave there will be battle to see who gets it next!
    Duane wants to let you know that Bishop Stutz was released last Sun & Tim Stewart was called as the new Bishop. All is well here . Keep up the good work there! Much love, Duane & Bobbie