Sunday, August 26, 2012

Leave the Cooking to the Experts

We find in this new environment that we do things that we would never think of if we were home.  For example, when we go to the store, we can't find the things we are used to finding easily in the US.  A couple of days ago, we went to a place called the Big Bazaar - a Walmart like store with food, clothing, household items etc.  I am looking for roasted nuts, and all I can find are raw cashews and almonds.  Thinking they should be fine, I buy a pound and bring them home.  After trying them and finding they are soggy and without flavor, I say to Angela, we can roast them in the oven (my first mistake).  I put them in the pan, and baby them along at a low temperature and looking at them every 5 minutes.  After 40 minutes and numerous small changes to the temperature we finally have some fairly good roasted nuts. 

Well tonight, not wanted to waste time "babying" them along, I set the temperature high, lower the rack so they will roast slower, set the timer for 30 minutes and go on my way, to write the blog, answer email etc.  Our computer is in the back room and while I am working away, Angela says, somebody must be grilling, and it smells good.   Completely forgetting that I had the nuts in the oven, I smell the same grilling and think "where did someone get a grill in India - I wish I had one".  We keep smelling this delicious smell and for some reason, I come back into our living area and see the nuts smoking (I didn't mention to Angela that I was roasting the cashews).  In less 15 minutes, I totally destroyed the cashews (but then if you know me, you know they aren't going to get thrown away).  I can hardly wait to start on the almonds...

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