Friday, November 30, 2012

Visit to the Taj Mahal

You can't come to India (even as a missionary) and not go to the Taj Mahal. The Taj is located outside of Agra which is about a 3 hour drive south from New Delhi. We went on Tuesday with another couple who is being transferred to Cambodia. They came to Delhi in early February with a missionary visa, but could not get it renewed so they will finish their 18 month mission in Cambodia. They have become very good friends and we are sorry to see them leave. The Taj Mahal is just like what you see in postcards. In fact, some of the pictures we took look just like postcards, but to prove we were actually there, we got a few with us in them. While we were there we also went to Agra Fort, which is (I think) the largest red sandstone forts in the world. It is still a working fort housing about 500 soldiers, so we were only able to see about 1/3 of it. We hope you enjoy the pictures.

No we were not photoshopped into the picture.  It was
a perfect day - low traffic, sunny cool day and low smog.
With our friends Elder and Sister Capener from Perry
Utah.  They are transferring to Cambodia on Friday
(Gate leading into the Taj Mahal)
Entering into the above gate, you get a panoramic view
of the Taj Mahal.  It looks like throngs of people, but this
was actually a very light tourist day
Intricate stone inlays are found all around the outside
of the Taj Mahal.  The more impressive inlays are
inside where you are not allowed to take pictures
Carvings in the outside walls of the Taj.  The Taj is
built of marble found in India which is much
denser than Italian marble
Looking up into one of the arches of the Taj

Standard tourist shot, but it looks pretty real.
The Taj is a mausoleum that took 22 years to complete

Can you believe it! A Texas pine on the gounds of the
Taj Mahal (behind it)



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  1. Beautiful pictures! What a wonderful experience. Debora H.