Monday, April 22, 2013

Christmas in April

Angela ready to ice some sugar cookies
Shortly after Christmas, Angela was asked to plan an activity for the Relief Society sisters about Christmas traditions.  They had the activity on Saturday.  Angela did a lot of preparation and cooking.  The activity was a huge success - by the end about 28 sisters were there.  Angela came in a Christmas-y dress and made banana bread, no bake oatmeal cookies, cornflake and marshmellow "christmas wreaths" and lots of sugar cookies that were decorated by the women who attended.  She also put together a "12 Days of Christmas" book that included stories of Christmas and a Family Home Evening lesson that taught about the symbols of Christmas.  They also played "pin the star on the Christmas Tree" (they love games here), and each received a Christmas cookie cutter (thanks Julie for finding and sending these).  They also watched Mr. Kruger's Christmas courtesy of You Tube.  And how could we have a Christmas activity and not sing the Twelve Days of Christmas, with the associated gestures (somehow I got to lead this).  As Angela always says "a good time was had by all..."


RS sisters learning about Christmas traditions

Book and FHE activity Sister Stevens prepared

And the winner is.... 


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