Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Holi War

Colored ink added to water, adds a special touch
to the normal water fight
Holi is one of about 2 dozen religious holidays celebrated in India.  It's a Hindu holiday that has a lot of religious mythology associated with it, but I'll leave it to you to learn more on Wikipedia.  In general, Holi celebrates the beginning of spring's abundant colors and saying farewell to winter.  Quoting Wiki "during this event, participants hold a bonfire, throw colored powder at each other and celebrate wildly."  That statement is so true.  If you go out during the day, you run the risk of perfect strangers throwing colored water or dry paint at you.  In the night, it's not safe to be out because of all night partying.

Anil, the mission driver, taking a header.  Somehow he
got turned around and went in feet firs
If you know anything about boys, this sounds like a perfect holiday - sort of like extreme paintball.  So continuing a tradition started last year when President Jackson was here, the mission organized an activity so the missionaries could throw paint at each other and shoot each other with ink-stained water.  Sister Stevens and I opted out, but got some great pictures from our apartment balcony overlooking the church lot that use to be "the hole" (that has since been filled up and fenced).  The paint for the most part washes off, but can stay on the skin for up to a week.  The clothes are goners. 

Elders throwing the dry paint powder

Sister Sackley, the Mission President's wife
was a prime target for most of the missionaries

Our Mission President, - just one of the boys

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  1. Looks like loads of fun!! LOL Love the pictures! Debora H.