Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's Election Time

From what we hear from the locals, you can tell when elections are coming, because they start paving the roads.  About a month ago, we were headed to Church and sure enough, our perfectly paved road was half repaved.  They don't close the road, or use construction workers to help control the traffic.  They just roll down the road and let all the cars, auto rickshaws, bikes and pedestrians fend for themselves.  Over the last several weeks, they finished our road, with a lot of very late night banging, using antiquated equipment and producing lots of noxious tar and diesel smells.  I thought you'd enjoy some pictures.   

Construction occurs day and night

"Modern" India construction equipment
Night workcrews set up temporary
shelters on the sidewalk and sleep
during the day

At intersections, the tar roads are topped
with another layer of  mixed tar with
rocks embedded in them to "strengthen" them


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