Monday, June 25, 2012

This past week we have continued our daily routine of going to the temple, studying and doing genealogy indexing (digitizing census records so they can be accessed on the Internet by those doing family history research for their ancestors).  The 1940 US Census was released in April of this year and through the efforts of many volunteers of all faiths, approximately 50% of the Census has already been indexed. 

Thursday and Friday we helped move the Provo Mission office to its new digs right off Center Street in Provo and 600 East, which was previously used for early morning seminary for the high school aged kids in the Church. 

Saturday night we met with our new Mission President and his wife, President and Sister Sackley (I missed the photo op this time).  They were serving a 18 mission in Hong Kong when they were called to serve in India.  They are a great couple and we look forward to serving with them.  They hail from Canada, and were able to get their visas and will be leaving for India this coming Thursday.  We are envious and wish we were joining them...

VISA NEWS - we got a visa last week (but wait there's more).  It was the wrong type, so the Church sent it back and is trying to get it reissued correctly.  We are trying to get an EV visa, which stands for Employment - Volunteer.  It's a relatively new visa type and the India Consulate in the US hasn't issued any, so we're blazing new ground.  The Consulate issued an Employment visa to us, which sounds like it could work, but the Church wants to ensure there is no misunderstanding or misrepresentation of what we will be doing when we get there.  Despite our frustration, we appreciate the stance of the Church is doing things absolutely correct.  We hopefully will know more this coming week. 

This week is when the new mission presidents are at the MTC for training before going to their assignments.  There are approximately 110 new presidents and their wives here this week (which represents about 1/3 of all the mission presidents worldwide).  While they are here, the normal MTC schedule gets changed around a lot, so instead of going to church at the MTC, we decided to go to church in the area we lived when we were students. After Sacrament Meeting, we stood up and turned around to see Paul's sister-in-law, Ruth Ann Lowe and her husband, and Paul's nephew Trevor (we didn't know it was their ward).  Then we go to the next meeting (Sunday School, in Mormon vernacular) and see Kristy Sevy (Clayton was home with food poisoning from the night before)... small world.         

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