Saturday, June 9, 2012

Yesterday was "graduation day".  We completed the Church Employment training with our adopted family of welfare service missionaries.  All of those in the picture will be serving in Church employment centers throughout the US.  We really enjoyed getting to know them and wish them well as they head out for their locations.  We were taught by Brother Jeff Foy (back row, far left) who developed the Career Workshop that is presented in all of the LDS Employment Centers.  It's an impressive course and has been proven to prepare people for employment and get them a job sooner than otherwise.

We have a new appreciation for the training and the resources available to help people, whether they are church members or not, find employment that fits their skills.  The Church as one of the largest job databases in the country, and is constantly working with employers to post their job openings.  We're also impressed with the seniors that have accepted a call to serve a mission.  We love to hear their stories of why they have chosen to serve.  They are all great people.

For those of you who are still wondering if we are "really" going to India, stay tuned.  There are efforts afoot to see what the holdup is, but as they say, things move slowly in India.  The legal counsel in India secured by the Church is attempting to contact the Houston Indian Consolate, but due to time zone differences, it may take some time.  We currently have no departure date.  We're keeping ourselves busy attending the temple, studying, (attempting) to memorize some key scriptures (watch out early morning seminary students, we have our own set of scripure mastery cards), and looking for opportunities to volunteer.     

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