Thursday, June 21, 2012

We were off on our daily walk in the afternoon and who do we meet at the front door of the Marriott?  Sterling and Tiffany Schmutz and their boys from our home Stake in Spring, Tx. We couldn't miss a photo op.

We finished our shot regiment this morning.  Contrary to the the info we received regarding required shots, when we got to the MTC, we were each 4 shots short (it serves us right for  bragging when we first came that we had every shot possible because we lived in Nigeria... ha).  We needed boosters for Typhoid, Polio and the infamous Japanese Encephalitis - a 2 shot series 28 days apart (have we really been here a month?).  It hurt less in the arm, than it did in the wallet - who'd know that shots could cost that much.      

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