Wednesday, June 20, 2012

We're back in Provo in our home way from home at the Marriott.  No news on our visas.  We did learn that the young Elders that were waiting, got their visas and will be going this week, but we are still on hold.  Maybe we'll hear something more tomorrow. 

Another small 'tender mercy' was when we were renting a car at the airport to come back to Provo.  We've been concerned that with all that we have accumulated, that we wouldn't have enough space in the car for all our luggage going back to the airport when we finally leave.  When we got to the car rental ticket counter, they told us they were out of sedans, and would we be willing to take an SUV at no additonal charge?  Problem solved...

With no news on the visas and gong a little stir-crazy not being more productive, Bryan suggested that we contact the Provo Mission office to see if there was anything we could volunteer for, so we did.  As it turns out the mission office is moving this week and need extra help boxing and moving on Thursday and Friday.  Thanks Bryan for that inspiration.

Another great devotional tonight at the MTC with Elder Lynn Robbins and his wife talking about receiving revelation through reading the scriptures, pondering and praying to seek understanding and guidance.    

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  1. Reminds me of a song with the lyrics: "I've been sitting, waiting, wishing..."
    Came to mind as I read your blog. :) Sorry for the delay. I've no doubt you'll keep busy while you wait, though. Thanks for keeping this blog so that we can stay in touch.