Sunday, November 4, 2012

Elephant 2 - The Sequel

Just when I think that seeing an elephant walking down the main road is a rarity, we see another one. We got our iPhones out in plenty of time to get some head shots. The man riding the elephant stops and offers us a ride (I'm sure for a price). We were headed to do some shopping for our visiting general authorities next week so we declined (it was a convenient excuse for not wanted to climb on an elephant in church clothes).  As we were standing there, the elephant swings his trunk over at me - I jump back a little and grab it - another "first" for me. Then he swings his trunk up in the tree and breaks off a branch of leaves and shoves it in his mouth. We didn't think about doing some video, but captured a couple of close ups. They seem much bigger when you are standing next to one, but it wasn't as scary as the cow that chased me - must be the horns...

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