Wednesday, November 21, 2012

More of Jaipur and Pushkar

I was going through our pictures from our recent trip to Jaipur and Pushkar, and thought posting a few more would be good. 

King Jai Singh, built this for his first wife so she could see
see out.  It has 365 winddows and the whole building
is only 1 room deep. 

Sister Stevens at the Hotel Diggi Palace

Gypies that danced at dinner our first night in Jaipur

"Deluxe" Tents they booked for us at Pushkar -includes
a bathroom in the back.  We opted to stay in a real room
(no Boy Scouts among us)

Dry water color paints
Sunset at the man-made lake in Pushkar.  Earlier
that morning, 50,000 Hindus bathed in the lake
as part of a religious ceremony
Floor display as part of Diwali.  It's made of colored rice
Elder Stevens and President Sackley
arriving in Jaipur.  After the picture, we all
got rid of the flower leis because they were
causing us to sneeze

One of 500 churches in Pushkar, a city of 25,000 people


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