Sunday, November 4, 2012

Recent Pictures of India

There are hundreds of baskets in the open market area, both empty and filled.  These baskets are given to family and friends as a part of the Diwali (sounds like "Da volley) festival in the middle of November.  It is the festival of lights for the victory of righteousness and the lifting of spiritual darkness. 

As I might have mentioned previously, the Church has purchased a couple of 4 story houses.  One of the houses will include the church building in the basement and first 2 floors, the mission home on the 3rd floor and the misson office on the 4th.  The renovation of the church building has created massive piles of debris, from sheetrock and concrete that is hauled out one basket at a time on the heads of the workers.

This is the truck being loaded with the debris.  You might find the swaskita intersting.  Long before it became a symbol of Nazi Germany, it was a Buddist and Hindu symbol dating back all the way to the 3rd century A. D. 

Large cook pots
Large pots for cooking lunch and dinner in the streets

India's version of the Fuller Brush Man

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