Thursday, July 12, 2012


Sister Stevens in new mission office
Still Smiling
Chaos - that's the best way to describe the past several days.  We moved mission office locations over the weekend, and we can't find anything.  To add to the newness, we have a new Mission President and his wife who have been here 1 day less than us, we have ourselves, who have just been reassigned as the new office couple (keep in mind there was no 'old' mission couple to train us), and we have a new office.  On the up side the mission office is in the same building as our temporary apartment, so we just walk up two flights of stairs - no more auto rickshaw rides to the office - Hurray!!! 

An example of a typical fire drill that we go through daily.  Two days ago, we get a call from one of the Elders.  He tells us that there are two women members, who have been called on missions that need to be in the Philippines' MTC on July 21, and they don't know what to do (so they called us, the "experienced" office couple").  One of the sisters does not have a passport yet, but she has been "assured" by the passport office that she will have it in a week (by the 17th).  After we get the passport, we need to send a copy of the picture page to the MTC, who issues us a invitation letter.  With thee invitation letter, and the passport, and extra passport pictures, we can apply for a visa from the Philippines (which takes 2-3 days).  Once we have all this we can purchase a ticket.  Any bets on if she's going to make it? 

At the same time we are suppose to be applying for permanent residence in the Philippines (both sisters are going to the Philippines on their missions) - which we will do as soon as we learn how...

Every day's a new story and new crisis, but we are sure we'll get on top of it soon, but for now this is seriously impacting my nap time.     

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  1. Looks like a nice office. I'm sure you guys will have it in shape in no time.