Sunday, July 15, 2012

Our New Favorite Restuarant

It's always amazing to me the "pearls" you can find in the most unlikely place.  Recently we discovered a fantastic Italian Restaurant called Sartoria.  It's located on the local "high end" market that is close to our apartment.  It has some of the best Italian food we have had anywhere - and not at an outrageous price.  We can generally get pasta and chicken dishes for about 400-500 rupees ($8-10) add to that the excellent Brushetta appetizer and you have more than enough to eat at about the same cost as the US.  The VAT and service tax is a killer at about 20%, but the offset is tips here are around 5-10% maximum.  We'll be eating here often.

Dry Fountain in front of Sartoria
Preha Market (Right of Sartoria)
One of the store you can get "American" food
I'd write around the pictures rather than here, but either it's not possible, or I'm still a novice (HELP Sandi). 

This is our temporary apartment from the outside. We live on the 2nd floor (which is called the 1st floor here because the ground floor is "the ground floor").  There are tenants still living on the ground floor.  Eventually (hopefully by January) this will be the main center for the Church in New Delhi with the chapel in the basement, classrooms on the ground and first floors, the Mission President's residence on the 3rd floor (the US 2nd floor - so confusing) and the Mission Office on the top floor.  When we move, it will be directly behind this building) 


  1. Since you're talking restaurants I'll give you a recommendation for a place that was recommended by our hotel concierge when we asked for a modestly priced Indian restaurant near our hotel. He told us of a South Indian vegetarian restaurant close by -- Sarvana Bhawan (on Janpath just outside the Connaught Place circles). He told us to get a sampler called Thali -- 10 little bowls of things on a banana leaf-lined tray. Very delicious! Everything was really good and not too spicy. I was just going through my India trip stuff and was remembering that meal as the cheapest of our trip but very delicious. Love reading of your adventures!

  2. The blog looks great. Sounds like you are have lots of fun. As far as writing around the pictures, the easiest way I have found to do it is to make your pictures a little bigger. I think writing in the caption box is fine too. I don't think there is a maximum number of characters so you should be able to write as little or as much as you like. Let me know if this helps. Take care.