Saturday, July 28, 2012

Our 37th Wedding Anniversary

Cab with A/C
(notice the deluxe seat covers)
LaPiazza Restaurant
Roman Candle candle
Scenic ride to the Hotel
Tomorrow is our 37th Wedding Anniversary, so we celebrated today by going to the Hyatt Regency for lunch.  No auto rickshaws for this occasion.  We got a cab (with air conditioning) for the ride over.  Whether on purpose or because he didn’t think we knew where he was going, it went out the “long way” and it cost us a whooping 110 rupees ($2).  We ate at the La Piazza Restaurant and had an excellent dinner of various salads and roasted veggies, a buffalo tenderloin (our first experience with buffalo – cows are sacred here), roasted potatoes and shallots (fancy name for baby onions), and a dessert bar.  Angela ate all her steak which was also a first (it was only about 5 ounces, but tasted just like “cow”).  We happened to mention to our server that we were celebrating wedding anniversary, and he surprised us with a cake with a roman candle on top.  Angela had to take care to keep from getting the sparklers on her skirt.  It was so bright, that you almost can’t see her. 

Hyatt Regency India
Unusual flower in Lobby
Afterwards, we went shopping at the high end shops in the hotel.It was the usual set of shop with everyone selling a variety of the same things (wool and silk scarfs, wraps, rugs, carved animals, etc).Looks a lot like all the other shopping we have seen on the streets, just more expensive.The shop owner of the first shop we came to wanted to show us his ‘one of a kind’ items, but after purchasing some items and continuing on, every store had his ‘one of a kind’ items.

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