Saturday, July 7, 2012

Zone Conference

Yesterday, we had Zone Conference for all the India based missionaries.  Zone Conference is a meeting organized by the elders that have been given leadership positions in the mission and generally includes talks and lessons to teach/train the missionaries on various gospel topics.  Yesterday's meeting went from 8 am to 3 pm, including lunch (the elders' favorite part) and focused on the converting power of the Book of Mormon - Another Testament of Jesus Christ. 

All Zone Conference - India Missionaries
The attached picture shows all the missionaries in India, with the exception of one senior couple (the Crookston's), who went back to the US temporarily to be at daughter's wedding.  Our new mission President and his wife - the Sackley's, are on the far right and the Capener's and us are on the left (in case you forgot already what we look like).  There are a total of 61 missionaries in the mission - 32 India (26 young elders and 3 senior couples), 25 young elders in Pakistan, and 2 humanitarian couples in Nepal.  The mission is somewhat unique in that we will never see the Pakistani missionaries.  Due to current politics between the two countries, India elders stay in India and Pakistani elders stay in Pakistan.  President Sackley travels each month to Pakistan to visit/interview the elders and give them guidance.

We really enjoyed the Zone Conference.  The elders in this mission have strong testimonies of Jesus Christ and are very good at teaching the Gospel.  We felt a great spirit there. 

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  1. These posts are all great - keep 'em coming! Thought I would comment because I don't see anyone else doing so but, rest assured, we're all following you closely on your adventure!!!