Saturday, July 28, 2012

Only in India

We have been looking to upgrade our phones recently.The phones the mission provides are lowest price and quality you can get, and after being on an iPhone, going back to the multi-click process to send a text message is just not working.It takes forever to type something out, and invertibly, I don’t click enough times to get the right letter and then need to back up and start over.So we go to the Vodafone store, to see what they have. Phones and especially pay-as-you-go cell plans are cheap compared to the 2-year plans the US has.The young lady who was helping us, prided herself on her English, so we are talking and Paul said, “so you can pay each month either on-line or in person?” She says, “No, I can’t pay, but you can pay.”So much for our US jargon…

Angela is talking to the Mission President's driver (no one is allowed to drive in the mission for obvisous reasons})  He says in his Indian English, "You are shifting?", Angela looks perplexed.  Well after multiple back and forths, she finally understands he is saying "Are you moving", because we are moving to the building behind the building we currently are in (someday...)

I wonder if I should pass this on to Comcast as a way to answer storm outages (see bottom line of screen). 

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  1. Hope you folks made it through the power outage OK! That could not have been very fun.

    Also, having served in England, I know how hazardous it can be to cross the road when your not used to looking the right way as you step into the road. MY companion pulled me back from disaster several times before i caught on!

    We continue to pray for your success!!
    Love, the Cromwells