Sunday, July 8, 2012

Today we spoke in church.  We had our new Mission President and his wife visiting for the first time, so they were asked to share their testimonies of the Gospel, then we had a youth speaker, then Angela, a "rest" song (a song intended to get the blood flowing for those in the congregation) and then Paul talked.  During the rest song, Angela looks over at me and says, "you don't have much time to talk".  I just smile.  Without any discussion, all the topics were closely aligned around faith and having faith.  After the meeting we were able to witness the baptism of the Dileep family, whose real name is Massey - it seems everyone over here has several last names which makes generating a church record very challenging.  The father, mother and two daughters were baptized.  They will be confirmed members of the Church and receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost in next week's sacrament service.   

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  1. I am so enjoying your blog and I am glad you are including details and pictures. They help us "see" you better in your new environment. Heavenly Father's blessing upon you! Debora Haws