Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Holy Cow - That's a Bull

On our walk
Bull leaving a present
Most of India is Hindu and the cow is sacred here.  You won't find beef anywhere including the products sold in the store (like spaghetti sauce with meat).  There is a source of some beef (not the same quality as the good old USA, but passable) from certain individuals that can provide anything - for a price.  Anyway, cows and what look like Brahma bulls roam the streets and markets at all times.  Most of them are docile and you can walk up to them without much reaction.  So we're walking home from our very first "exercise" walk in our street clothes and in the middle of the street is a bull lumbering along with no cares.  I decide to get a close up (they're docile, right?), and just as I got the camera phone up, it started to chase me.  I ran around a car.  I was so fluster that I couldn't get the camera up to take a picture.  I finally got a short video of it bellowing at me.  Next time, I'm taking a red hanky with me. 

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