Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's Better to Look Up - Our new home

In the last Church General Conference, one of the new General Authorities of the Church, Elder Carl B. Cook gave a talk that when we exercise our faith and look to God for help, we will not be overwhelmed with life. We found new secular meaning to his talk when we moved to our new apartment this past week. These pictures are from the front window. We overlook what is affectionately called 'the hole', which is part of the property that the Church bought this year for a future meeting house. By "Looking Up" from the hole, we get a slightly better view. The road on the left goes to the local market where we walk to do most of our shopping.

The hole (old abandoned construction,
not what the Church is currently building)

Looking up from "the hole"
We are excited to be in our new place.  We have been right on the cusp of moving for several weeks, but our facilities manager, Kuldeep, wanted to be sure that everything was working right - no problems, as he is used to saying. So we move in and all the things Kuldeep said were done, weren't so we spent all day getting the AC fixed, only one burner on the gas stove worked (they came by a few days later and spent 4 hours getting it to work), the washing machine leaked water on the floor (floor drains in all the bathrooms, which is where the washer is, is definitely a plus, something I wish the US had), the TV dish didn't get moved and we're still borrowing half an Internet signal from the Mission Home, but otherwise we're in and ready to make it our home for the next 15 months (not that we're counting).


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