Saturday, August 4, 2012

India Power Outage

India Power Outage Area
Many people have asked if we were affected by the country-wide power outage in India.  The picture on the right shows all the country that experienced the outage (the red section).  I've heard estimates between 300-600 million people affected by the outage (all the US is 350 million).  It was significant for the general Indian population as well as all our young missionaries.  Fortunately they treat the couples differently, and especially us because we are in the building that will eventually become the new church building in January.  We have a backup generator, so while we lost power around 3 am, we were only without power for about 30 minutes before the generator kicked in (probably would have been less if the guard hadn't been asleep).  It ran constantly for about a day and a half before we were back on the city provided power (are we spoiled or what...)

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