Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Delhi Branch 3 party

Relief Society song (Angela in the
back, Mission President's wife
on the right
Visiting Teaching role play
As I mentioned in an earlier post, church congregations are called either Branches (small congregations of 10-150 members) or Wards (regular sized congregations - 200+).  All our congregations in New Delhi are Branches, and we have 7 in the New Delhi area.  We belong to Branch 3.  Last night we had a Branch activity.  It was a talent night and dinner.  Things are done opposite here than the US.  Dinner is after the activity, so that people will stay.  Dinner was at 9 pm, which for some here is early.  The program consisted of a wide variety of "talent" including, singing and dancing by some young children, a couple of songs sung by adults in Hindi, a couple of games of "guess the right answer", a role play on how to do Visiting Teaching correctly, and the "Hokey Pokey" (can you guess which one we did).  It was an unusual and long program, but one thing we can say, is that the members here are not afraid to do anything, even at the spur of the moment.   We decided to not eat dinner, so we could be sure we could teach our lessons today at church.


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