Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Local Fruit and Vegetable Market

Give me Good Price
One of the better open markets
Across from the vegetable market
Just down the street from us is an open market called "E Block Market".  All the local markets are named after the area or street where they reside, and we live in an area where all the sections are called "blocks".  These pictures are of Sister Stevens negotiating a "good price" from the owner so we will frequent his place often.  The fruits and vegetables are pretty good (Angela has come to really love thier tomatoes).  Unfortunately they also seem to ripen quickly, so we are buying them about every third day.  Some items are almost the same as in the States (oranges, apples, bananas, lemons, watermelon, corn), some actually are more favorful (tomatos, califlower) and some less quality (cantilope, carrots, potatoes (no russetts).  We have quit buying lettuce because it's difficult to clean and goes rusty very quickly.  We really haven't ventured out into the "unknown" items that we really can't tell what they are.  Maybe sometime down the road... 

Rat Update:  We still haven't found him.  We wish him an early and quick death from the mouse cakes we have set out.  Our maintenance guy, Kuldeep, told me yesterday, that their rats don't like American food, so the rat probably left for a nice Indian home.      

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